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  1. Choose you need style, and let us know
  2. We selected models in time for your quote
  3. Tell us the size of each style and other requirements
  4. We asked for you by beginning with version.
  5. Received front page, if necessary, you can make changes to comments and feedback to us;
  6. Once again to play in accordance with the requirements of your sales patterns (3 -12 pieces)
  7. Confirm the sale of sales pattern, you can give us to place an order it!
  8. For you to play a large sample version, this process takes you the final confirmation of the template
  9. Began formal production
  10. If necessary, you can arrange QC inspection personnel to the plant (usually a week before shipping)
  11. Shipment, we will send you the bow Edition
  12. Receive the final payment and arrange shipping.